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Let's face it....

your grandkids

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"Can I just get a disc?" "Can we just get the digital files?." Everyone loves sharing their wedding day images.

These are the clarion calls of today's modern bride. But let's put this in perspective for a second. Sure you get the disc, but then what? You upload the album to Facebook and then what? Imagine the couple that did this on MySpace 6 years ago. Oops!

Seriously, your images deserve more.  They deserve to be shared and looked at for what they are.  The beginning of your family.  The launch of your marriage.  Your wedding images are the FIRST book in the volumes of memories your family will have together.

Imagine wowing your friends when you share your book- especially if they don't have one!











what makes our books so special?

There's nothing like a specially designed, one of a kind, just made for you book! And how do we do that? Each of our books are designed WITH you every step of the way. Imagine seeing your book pages being built right before your eyes and knowing that all the photos you love are right there. We don't use "cookie cutter" templates and then go through the proofing and design changes some do. You get to see the final product pages and cover right on the spot for your approval.

We use the finest book binders and professional printing labs to produce your final product too! Nothing but the finest materials, craftsmanship and care goes into each book we deliver. Your book will not only last your lifetime, but also your kids and grandkids lifetime as well.







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